Welcome Funguy!

Funguy is your average everyday, walking, talking mushroom. Pixies like Funguy are known for their carefree ways and blazé attitudes, but don’t let that fool you - they’re incredibly clever! When facing danger they can use their magic to disguise themselves as an object close by. So, watch Funguy as they transform into tree, a barrel or maybe even a box, right before your very eyes.

Say hello to Smolder!

Known for being a bit hot-headed, Smolder Pixies are often found trying to be the centre of everyone’s attention. Their athletic trick turned survival technique, dash, allows them to double their speed as they become a blur of fire and smoke. So when things start to heat up, you can count on Smolder to double down.

Meet Bergy!

It’s common knowledge that the Bergy Pixies are as cool as they come. Being the adventurous Pixies they are, they can be found traversing dangerous mountain sides - where the risks of avalanches occurring are very high! Lucky for them, their magic allows them to solidify the moisture in the air around them to create an ice shield! 

Introducing to you, Rumble!

Pixies like Rumble are typically less social than the other Pixies’ as they spend most of their time hopping around, searching for ore deposits. All their time searching has given them an excellent memory and awareness of their surrounds. So now, in the face of danger, they can use magic to teleport either themselves, or whoever may be sneaking up on them, to a place nearby. Though they better hop to it, or it might be too late!


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