Warning, Pugsley approaching

Don’t let Pugsley’s cute exterior fool you, this spirit is ready to do some searching, and by searching, they mean destroying! Encased in a metal skeleton, this Gobbler focuses its power using the crystal spirit within to produce orb-like familiars. Once unleashed, these familiars roam the surrounding areas, seeking out the hidden Pixies and revealing their location if and when their paths cross.

Enter, Arocknid!

The Arocknid Gobblers are not for the faint of heart - covered in runes, their enormous legs scurry along, crushing everything in their path. If all of this wasn’t enough, these Gobblers have the power to turn their run into a deadly charge, stopping at almost nothing to reach their prey. So, take control of an Arocknid gobbler and charge into your next hunt.

Beware of Shadowclaw!

A Gobbler with a devilish grin is bound to cause some chaos. Shadowclaw Gobblers incite terror from appearance alone, with gigantic claws looming in front of them and a bright, giant eye centred on their head. In times where the Pixies have all but gotten away, Shadowclaw can focus their eye and emit a powerful green light beam that even penetrates walls to help them find their prey!

Watch out for Octolabra!

This Gobbler is almost too hot to handle! With candles constantly burning and a hypnotic eye dangling above its head, Octolabra is bound to draw some attention. Now, all those burning candles are bound to leave a mess, and that’s what Octolabra does best! Octolabra releases magical, melted wax onto the floor, and any Pixie that finds themselves walking through the wax also find they can't use their abilities and are illuminated for a moment of time! 


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