The Pixie realms was once filled with light and wonder, and Pixie colonies were found across all the lands. Once idyllic, the Pixie realms have been forced into chaos. The fearsome Gobblers have invaded, and, have brought with them an unnerving darkness. Where light and colour once shone a mysterious fog has now smothered the lands.

The Gobblers have descended upon the Pixies with the sole intention of stealing and consuming the magical essence found within a Pixie. You see, Pixies consume Moon Drops, a powerful light energy source, and transform it into an energy they can then use. The Gobblers are unable to consume pure Moon Drops, and so they hunt down all the creatures who do.



This is the classic Hunt 'n Sneak mode. Pixies must run and hide in every corner and crevice to outlast the Gobbler. While the Gobblers must capture as many Pixies as they can to beat the game!


The Gobblers have created a potion strong enough to turn Pixies into Gobblers, but there is a strange side effect where the Gobbler turns into a Pixie. Oops, must have forgotten to put enough moon drops in!


Moon drops are falling from the sky! Pixies have to gather the essence from the moon drops in order to survive. Beware though, as the Gobblers can hang around the fallen drops and capture all the nearby Pixies!

Glittering Caverns

Enter the Glittering Caverns at your own risk, for beneath the ground there are sure to be more than just treasures found. Once a popular area where Pixies would collect the crystals, the caverns have become a more dark and dangerous place. So, run the bone gauntlet, sneak past the glowing mushrooms and beware of old mine shaft tracks as you become lost in the Glittering Cavern.

Amethyst Forest

Prepare to be enchanted when you enter the Amethyst Forest, a place frequently visited by Pixies all over for its charming magical feel. Here, you can stroll by a meandering river, cross quaint wooden bridges and explore the wandering paths, which lead you past firefly filled trees and luminescent flowers. Though still enchanting, the Amethyst Forest glows a little less bright with the Gobblers’ darkness now settled upon it.

House of Horrors

Beware of the House of Horrors! Once packed with Pixies, the place is now overcome with Gobbler gloom. Broken walls and cracked floors are the least of your worries as you sneak around this haunted house. Gobbler corruption is rife within, so be wary of the protruding spikes and tendrils or you may find yourself in strife before you even begin!

Citadel of Shadows

Cast your lights on the Citadel of Shadows, but prepare yourself for what you may expose. Previously out of reach, a mysterious portal has appeared that allows both Pixies and Gobblers to, once again, set foot inside this wonderous structure. Go forth and explore the hidden passages, sneak past the eerie green flames and light up the Citadel of Shadows!

Infernal Wastes

Welcome to the Infernal Wastes. It’s hot, it’s hazy and it smells horrendously - what more could a Gobbler want? Rarely visited by the Pixies, this is where the Gobblers have chosen to set up camp. Surrounded by mysterious runes and mini volcanoes, this dry, barren land will surely heat up the hunt for Pixies.


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